We are happy to help with your internet purchases by providing transfer services.

Transfer fee: $40.00 

The fee includes processing the 4473 form and background check. There are no other fees.


The Transfer Process

1. You make a purchase that requires the firearm to be shipped.

2. You email greatgunstx@gmail.com with the contact information of the seller, your contact information, what you purchased, and the name of the auction site  with the auction number or the company information and order numbers.

3.We email a copy of our Federal Firearms License to the seller.

4. The seller then ships the firearm to Great Guns & Sporting Goods.

5. When the firearm arrives, we contact you and make an appointment for you to come to our office and complete the paperwork and background check (Note: No background check is necessary if you have a Texas Concealed Handgun License).

6. When the result of the back ground check result is received with a proceed, we will then transfer the firearm into the customers hands and the transaction is complete. The paperwork and background check can be accomplished in as little 15 minutes.

NOTE: All firearms must be transferred within 7 days of arrival. A storage fee of $10.00 per week will be charged thereafter.